Trust, Investment Management & Estate Planning

Trust, Investment Management & Estate Planning

In our fiduciary capacity, the NHTrust Team ensures that your account is administered according to your desires and/or consistent with the terms of your legal document or other governing instrument.

We understand that being a trustee requires the technical experience of objectively interpreting documents and implementing strategies on your behalf. We do so with respect for your intentions, the interest of your beneficiaries and a compassion for the unique nature of each client’s family and their circumstances.

In addition to acting as a trustee, NHTrust offers an array of estate settlement services. With our long history of serving the community, we know that acting in a fiduciary capacity is only one aspect of our trust responsibilities.

Our team has been working to help individuals and families plan wisely for the future. They offer sound investment strategies that include:

  • Fee-Based Managed Money
  • IRAs
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Retirement Plans
  • SEPs
  • SIMPLE Plans

Why should you trust the NHTrust team with your money? We have more than two decades of experience helping people plan for their financial future. We understand how critical it is to build trust – and we know you expect personal attention.

Your trust officer acts as your point of contact for all of your financial needs, customizing their role to meet your individual needs and objectives and providing you with peace of mind.

Not FDIC Insured
Not Bank Guaranteed
May Lose Value
Not a Bank Deposit
Not Insured By Any Federal Government Agency

Meeting with NHTrust team is without obligation or cost.