NHTrust & MVSB Proudly Support Dinosaurs Return Exhibit at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

Dinosaurs have returned to Squam Lakes Natural Science Center and are on display through Nov. 1.

NHTrust and sister-affiliate bank MVSB (Meredith Village Saving Bank) are proud to sponsor the Baryonyx dinosaur, which is one of five dinosaurs on display throughout the live animal exhibit trail.

Baryonyx is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived in the Barremian stage of the Early Cretaceous period, about 130–125 million years ago and was the first fish-eating dinosaur discovered.

“We are so grateful for the support from both MVSB and NHTrust in this collaborative sponsorship,” said Iain MacLeod, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Executive Director. “This was an exciting exhibit we had a few years ago and definitely a favorite for our visitors, in particular children, and we welcome the opportunity to have it back. It would not have been possible without the support of local community-focused organizations.”

“We are happy we could help support the Science Center’s Dinosaurs Return exhibit along with our sister company, NHTrust,” said Jill White, MVSB Regional Vice President. “We share a commitment to supporting nature-based education and exploration in New Hampshire, and the Science Center is a wonderful resource for accomplishing that and more.”

“The Science Center is a delightful learning experience for children of all ages and supporting their programming is an opportunity for families to understand the balance of keeping our natural spaces for the wildlife that live here alongside the people of New Hampshire,” noted Paul Provost, President of NHTrust. “What better way to learn about local animals than in the natural habitats that the Science Center provides and NHTrust is so pleased to be able to partner with MVSB to continue their mission.”

MVSB and NHTrust support the mission of Squam Lakes Natural Science Center to advance the understanding of ecology by exploring New Hampshire’s natural world. The Science Center is sensory inclusive and has been educating and enlightening visitors since 1966 through spectacular live animal exhibits, natural science education programs, guided Squam Lake cruises, an informal public garden, and the Blue Heron School – a nature-based Montessori early learning center. The live animal exhibit trail (including the dinosaur exhibit) and hiking trails are open daily. For more information about their dinosaur exhibit or any of their other programming, go to nhnature.org or you can call them at (603) 968-7194.

Photo Caption: From left, David James, NHTrust Financial Advisor, Brandy Mohan, NHTrust Financial Advisor, Marcy Dembiec, MVSB Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS# 165849, Jill White, MVSB Regional Vice President, and Megan Piazza, MVSB Branch Services Manager, stand at the Baryonyx exhibit, which is just one of five dinosaurs on display at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness.