NHTrust Supports the Belknap House Homeless Shelter

We were happy to have the opportunity to donate $750 to the Belknap House Family Homeless Shelter in Laconia, one of the four homeless shelters it chose to honor in observance of national Random Acts of Kindness Day. A portion of the donation was given to the staff and volunteers so they could schedule a luncheon to recognize their dedication to the community. The remainder would be used at their discretion and need operationally.

“This contribution could not have come at a better time for us,” explained Paula Ferenc, Executive Director of the Belknap House. “Our washing machine had just failed us and needed replacing and we hadn’t planned funds for a new washer. This generous donation will be put to great use in our laundry room!”

Belknap House’s mission is to provide families in Belknap County a safe shelter, when children are particularly at-risk during homelessness, and to empower families to become self-sufficient and independent by providing opportunities of education and resources available to them. In 2021, the Belknap House provided 5,374 nights of shelter for 14 Families, 24 Children, 20 Parents, 3 Pregnant Moms, and 10 Single Moms.

If you are interested in helping the Belknap House meet the needs of homeless families in the Laconia area, please use this link for more information – https://www.belknaphouse.org/donate. They also assist families with food, cooking and parenting classes, as well as budgeting and resume building, working together towards self-reliance. To donate items or view their wish list, visit https://www.belknaphouse.org/wish-list.