NHTrust Supports Sycamore Community Garden

We are proud to share we have contributed $1,000 to support the Sycamore Community Garden located on the campus of NHTI.

The Sycamore Community Garden provides residents of the Concord area, and in particular new Americans and those with limited incomes, the chance to grow organically-farmed produce. This opportunity creates a more social cultural understanding and empathy among participants through the act of community gardening. It also, along with NHTI, allows for educational components by demonstrating the benefits of environmentally sound and sustainable agriculture.

“This is such a great resource to have in our Concord community especially for our refugee families who often come from their homelands with a history of agricultural work and still have the strong desire to grow their own food,” noted Madalyn Dow, Financial Advisor . “Having access to public space for gardening allows for greater economic independence and pride in meaningful work at a time when many families may have experienced significant life changes. We are pleased to contribute to their new support system.”

“By having the support of wonderful organizations such as NHTrust, we are able to continue to provide this unique opportunity in our community. We started with 54 gardens and have grown to 168 garden plots today and we continue to improve and create better efficiencies for our gardens and gardeners,” noted Ruth Heath, Board President for Sycamore Community Garden.

Thanks to continued community support, as of May 2022, the sun is now powering the water system for the gardeners with a distribution system that pumps water from one well to eight 300-gallon tanks evenly spaced through the garden. This eliminates the need for gardeners having to carry heavy buckets of water to their garden plots. Sycamore Community Garden has many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year for those interested and the garden relies on the generosity of their neighbors to sponsor a plot or donate to their cause. They can be reached at sycamorecommunitygarden.org or their email is sycamorecommunitygarden@gmail.com for more information on how to help or be involved.