NHTrust Sponsors Concord High School’s Be The Change Club

NHTrust recently donated $500 to Concord High School’s Be the Change Club and was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with some of the club’s members in a virtual get-together. New American students shared their experiences coming from different cultures and coming to a new school. Students discussed learning about and from each other, embracing differences, asking questions when needed and taking chances to learn something new. They coordinate events for everyone to enjoy such as a multicultural night, a Diwali party, the Nepali Festival of Lights, International Night and more. This provides more opportunities to learn about other cultures, taste other foods and hear different languages.

Be The Change was created in September 2011 to promote intercultural communication, understanding and friendships. Its mission is to provide multicultural education and celebrate diversity at Concord High School.

“As one of our staff noted after our gathering, I will wear a smile all day after listening to those students,” said Paul Provost, President of NHTrust. “My goal was to invite the club to offer something inspiring to the NHTrust employees and to motivate our own efforts towards building a more tolerant and open culture. Listening and talking to the students gave us a great push in the right direction.” Junior Boley, Wealth Management Assistant for NHTrust and former member of the Be the Change Club at Concord High School commented, “It was such a great experience for me when I was a member of the Club and I really enjoyed hearing the enthusiasm and comradery the current students have for each other.”

Hearing the student’s experiences supports NHTrust’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) beliefs and the importance of DEI focus and efforts in the workplace. Keeping diversity, equity and inclusion at the core of their organization is a priority.  The student’s thoughts mirrored NHTrust’s to value the diverse and unique individuals who live and work in their communities, embrace all differences and strive to create a culture where everyone is welcomed and valued.

“We had a wonderful time sharing our experiences with the NHTrust team,” said Anna-Marie DiPasquale, LCSW, ELL, Social Worker and Club Advisor, Concord High School. “And we are very grateful for their generosity and support. The funds will be used directly to support our efforts to create welcoming spaces for students. The club also hosts Family Fun nights to include the student’s families to help them feel connected to their children’s school.”

NHTrust and all their affiliates (New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Merrimack County Saving Bank and Saving Bank of Walpole) are committed to dedicating efforts; including leadership focus and investing financial resources, to promote diversity, equality and inclusion across their work environments and within the communities they serve.  Doing so, they believe, makes a stronger, more successful and sustainable organization over the long-term.

Photo caption: Students that participated on the NHTrust / Be the Change Club panel left to right beginning in the first row: Alisa Janollari from Albania, Rosima Darjee of Nepal, Meta Mako from Namibia, Ajay Darjee also from Nepal, Yvette Uwase from Rwanda, and Donciel Yemo of the Congo.