Concord Police Report Phone Scam Impersonating Officers

Concord Police say they have received reports of a phone scam going around from individuals identifying themselves as Concord Police Officers. To trick the intended target, the phone number has even been tampered with to resemble a legitimate call from the City of Concord.

Reports say the bogus officer told their targets that there is warrant for their arrest. Similar to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) scams, the scammer claims the target may settle their warrant by paying a certain amount of money. Many times this money is sent through the mail, by gift cards or by MoneyGram’s.

Concord Police say the department does not settle warrants this way, nor would any member of the department contact the public to solicit money. They are asking anyone who received this call to contact them at 603.225.3100, or submit information through the Crimeline website at: